What Happens When I Stop Using Bark Be Gone?

Bark Be Gone ultrasonic dog bark device is a fantastic tool for pet owners that teaches your dog how to stop barking. Through training with the device, you’ll notice your dog stop barking if used properly. However, what happens whenever you stop using Bark Be Gone? We dive into some information about these hand held bark stoppers below.

Since Bark Be Gone is a training tool, after you have successfully trained your dog to stop barking, you will notice that you no longer have any use for the Bark Be Gone remote. Ideally, your dog will be trained to stop barking through the use of Bark Be Gone in addition to positive reinforcement, and this becomes an issue of the past.

If your dog has not gone through enough positive reinforcement and training with the Bark Be Gone remote, then upon stopping using the device you may notice your dog continue barking again or begin barking again. Dogs often need plenty of time and effort from their owners to be trained on what is right and what is wrong, so having plenty of patience and understanding to continue training is key. If your dog is barking and you are still using the device, consider laying off the use of Bark Be Gone for a short period, and then beginning using the device again. This will help your pup avoid becoming used to the remote, and then whenever it is used again, the efficacy will come back.

Bark Be Gone does not need to be used forever. Since it is a dog bark deterrent in addition to a training tool, you can train your dog to stop barking and then no longer have any use for the device. Bark Be Gone works by sending out a high pitched frequency that your dog does not like or enjoy, however it is 100% safe and humane for pet use. By utilizing the device correctly, once you stop using it you will have a well trained pup that knows the rights and wrongs of barking.

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