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Old Dogs, New Tricks

Old Dogs, New Tricks: How to Welcome an Older Adopted Pet, and Where to Find Them 

Old dogs are often overshadowed at adoption fairs and pet stores by cheerful, adorable young puppies. Potential buyers are often seen at rescues and shelters preferring smaller, cuter versions of man’s best friend. 


However, those who adopt a senior dog have always sung their praises, and marvel at how well-mannered, well-adjusted, and mellow they are. 

Whether it was your lifelong dream to get an older dog or you were inspired by social influences, you must want to know: where can I find the best senior dog? Well, there are many resources out there that allow you to adopt a pooch. 

Regardless, you must know some reliable information to add an old dog to your family.

Where to Find Older Dogs? 

When you enter into the dog market, you’ll find almost limitless ways of adopting a dog. You can adopt a pup from humane societies, sanctuaries, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or from municipal and county shelters.


The best service provided by these institutes is that they have an online platform. There you can look up senior dogs that match your priorities and requirements. The website gives you access to search them by age, gender, breed, and even their size. 

One other thing: at these sites, dogs older than seven years are considered senior dogs. The lists and rankings of these furballs are changed regularly. Therefore, if you couldn’t find the best match for you today, wait a bit and check on other days. 

Until you choose the best place for doggy adoption, let’s see how the organization works: 

●     Humane Societies and SPCAs

These independent firms work on their own without any contracts with larger groups for animal protection. They take in a limited number of canines. This initiative makes it easy for them to meet their needs and shelter them. They also have animal welfare programs in their community.


●     Municipal and County Shelters

These shelters aim to take in all types of dogs. The animals there may be abused, neglected, lost, hurt, and in worst cases are displaced livestock or wildlife animals. Although shelters often have some special care for senior dogs, being almost always packed, they are unable to fulfill all of these senior dogs’ requirements. However, shelters do possess easy adoption procedures and low fees.


●     Rescues and Sanctuaries

Their intake of new dogs is limited. They take time in analyzing the temperament and breed of their dogs and then provide them with medical examinations. Senior dog sanctuaries can provide their dogs with permanent hospice in addition to pooch’s adoption. 

How to Welcome an Older Adopted Pet

Now that you’re done with adopting a dog, how do you welcome your new canine companion? From here, your old buddy will be addressed as “goofy” so that we get rid of the “new senior dog” label/stigma from your pooch.


Now, the question arises: how to get familiar with goofy? How to make them feel safe and secure? Here are some tips and tricks to help goofy get acquainted with you and your family!     


●     Patience and Persistence

When you’re taking goofy to your home, keep in your mind that you’re taking an old dog home. Before ending up in the shelter, they have lived in at least one  different house. In the beginning, you might have to bear with their senior dog behavior

Understanding and being patient with goofy in such scenarios will be a wise choice. Make your fido feel loved and valued. Make sure your family is well prepared for the arrival of goofy. 

Staying persistent will surely not be enough of a welcome to your big boy. Therefore, a few extra measures are given below. You need to do a variety of them, during the homecoming of goofy: 

  1. Canine-proof your home
  2. Go slow with an introduction to friends and family
  3. Try to feed them food for senior dogs in small quantities initially
  4. Change their water bowl daily
  5. Try to be around them all the time  in the beginning


Can Old Dogs Learn New Tricks?

Now some people underestimate other old dogs like your goofy and think that it’s hard to train. Want to see if the perspective “you cannot teach old dogs new tricks” is true, or not? Read on!


●     Dispelling the Myth

“The older, the wiser!” 

Young pups might have more energy and are often more exquisite in every way. However, the older dogs are much wiser and their behavior is more consistent. They never stop learning. If taught right, they can even prove to be better. 

Surprisingly, old dogs are usually innately quick and good learners. They are not as easily distracted as those tiny little pups. That being said you can surely and effectively teach your old dog new tricks. 

Older dogs, being new to your home, will be much more attentive to their surroundings. They will pay more attention to smell. 

Here’s a query for you. Can you teach your mom to use the laptop in a day? Even if you could, wouldn’t  it be easier, and quicker for you to train your friends, as compared to your mom? 

Senior dogs are just like older people. No matter how hard you try, there are always some exceptions. Therefore, there are still factors in which your goofy may fall behind.



●     Can my Old Dog Learn to not do Something?

Undoubtedly, older pals make good and obedient students. However, apart from being brilliant learners, they might not have a clear mental state. 

Those young dogs and puppies might get to be a handful at times. Nevertheless, they have got a clean mind. The training of tiny furballs can start right after eight weeks of their birth. Having a fresh mind to learn something is the best and outstanding feature of small pups. 

On the other hand, the senior dogs might have already developed some bad behavioral habits. You would never like goofy to put their head in your stuff or bite you out of the blue. It will require them some time and long training to put a pause on bad habits. 

Sometimes even playing simple tricks with your old buddy can result in something painful for him. Making goofy sit for a long time can take a toll on their old hip joints. Additionally, making them excited and having them  jump to catch frisbee can cause them to hurt their back! 

Therefore, it is suggested to make your dog do some less strenuous tricks, ensuring their health and well-being, such as: 

  1. High five
  2. Shake
  3. Walk backward
  4. Push a ball (instead of fetch)
  5. Crawl (unless dropping to the floor is too uncomfortable)
  6. Put away toys 

Most likely, goofy is good at following instructions. However, being longer in the tooth, they might have some understanding problems. Some old dogs have vision and hearing deficiencies. Therefore, be mindful of these issues that come with old age. 


From adopting a dog to welcoming it, to teaching them tricks, the experience can be quite memorable and a little overwhelming. Doing fun activities with your canine companions is always fun and helps in stimulating their brains. 

Tricks help your oldie get sharp and share a bond with you. Ending on a note, you should follow the guide and go with the right strategy and plan. You will surely be able to teach your old dog new tricks!  


Where to find anold dog? Click here, here’s a complete guide to welcome and teach senior dogs! 



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