About Us

Tanya and Jennipher, Bark Begone’s founders
Howdy! We are Tanya and Jennipher, the duo behind the Bark Begone brand. We love having dogs as part of our family, but we found that their daily interactions with our kids (and our hubbies, and our friends, and ourselves frankly) was undoing the professional behavioral training our dogs had undergone. We saw a real need for a device that quickly gets a dog’s attention so that positive reinforcement and CER training can occur, and anyone can use it. And so Bark Begone was born!
Jen and Ladybug
Jennipher’s first word was her dog’s name (Herkie), and she’s never known a time when she didn’t have a dog in her life. She memorized the AKC breeds when she was young (before cable tv and the internet, people) for fun, her first job was working for the town vet, and she’s always had a passion for helping animals. She loves reading Bark Begone reviews because Bark Begone changes lives for the better! Jen lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and dogs as empty nesters now that her kids are grown and out of the house.
Tanya and Madi
Tanya grew up with her family's dogs and other pets and dreamed of having a dog in her family. It took a while but she convinced her husband it was a good idea (her four kids were also very enthusiastic!). She researched dog breeds for well over a year, then she took the plunge and brought Madi, a beautiful white pomsky, into the family. Tanya is passionate about dogs, their proper care and treatment, and is highly motivated by building a company which aligns with these values. Tanya loves dogs and follows numerous Houston dog rescue organizations to help whenever she can. She’s the reason Bark Begone donates a portion of its monthly proceeds to Caitie’s Foster Fam Rescue. 

 Lily (in Krista’s backyard)

Krista is Bark Begone’s head of customer service and the resident dog expert, but she’s found that answering Bark Begone emails has required almost as much human behavioral expertise as dogs’. She’s been training dogs her entire adult life, while traveling the world with her husband. Her dog Lily (pictured) is a rescue from Indonesia who challenged everything Krista thought she knew about dogs. She has a passion for helping reactive dogs and keeping dog owners from giving up when their dogs are more than they can handle.

Ben and family

Ben answers Bark Begone’s customer questions along with Krista. He has always worked in customer service and always wanted to work with dogs, and now he can with Bark Begone. Ben also has an anxious, reactive dog and could not believe the difference the Bark Begone devices made in her behavior! She became calm, more social, and much happier around other dogs.