About Us

Bark Begone

Bark Begone is an innovative, interactive, training tool designed by dog professionals. Our flagship device is deceptively simple and combined with consistent and positive behavioral training-both for dogs and their owners-we have seen our Bark Begone community grow quickly. We’ve been working hard, testing new products, writing our dog blog, and curating our store, in order to add value to our Bark Begone website! Check it out!

Who We Are

We are a community of dog lovers. We’ve got dog trainers, veterinarians, dog breeders, dog sitters, dog fosters, as well as dog owners and aficionados behind the scenes, working with us to develop the best products, instruction, and guidance for the dog-lovers’ lifestyle. And on the customer end, we have a wonderful community of dog owners who love their companions and seek the calm and quiet lifestyle they know is possible with the right tools and training.