3 More Strange Dog Behaviors And What They Might Mean

If you are reading this, you probably read our first half of this blog about 3 strange dog behaviors and their possible meanings. We believe it is important to understand your dog as much as possible in order to show compassion and patience during training, so we are going to review 3 more strange dog behaviors and what they might mean for your furry friend.

My Dog Eats Dirt

If you notice your dog eating dirt, you might be completely confused because dirt is not a good source of nutrients for dogs. However, your dog may have its own reason for munching down on your gardening soil or digging a hole in your back yard and having a mineral filled feast. While there are a few possible reasons your pet is doing this, one of them is that your dog might be bored. Dogs love different textures in their mouths, which is why it is important to have a variety of different chewable toys. Your dog explores the world with their mouth, and dirt might be a satisfying and boredom busting texture for your dog to explore. Another possibility is that your dog might not be getting all of the nutrients it needs in its diet, and is exploring other ways that could possibly give it the necessary nutrients. If your dog is exhibiting this strange behavior, try carrying more toys in the house and ask your veterinarian about nutrient dense food options.

My Dog Barks And Chases Its Tail

If your dog is chasing its tail and barking, likely it is a playful behavior. This becomes common especially in younger dogs, where they are still learning about the world around them. Tail chasing is often a behavior that a young dog will grow out of as they get older, and generally is not cause for concern. If, however, you notice chewing on the tail accompanied by chewing on back legs or other parts of the body, then it is probably best to visit a veterinarian to ensure that your dog is not suffering from a skin condition or fleas.

If your dog chases their tail and there is no medical reason, you may be dealing with doggie anxiety. Your veterinarian can help you get to the bottom of why your dog is doing this and how to help them stop.

My Dog Licks Its Paws

A dog licking its paws is generally more of a cause of concern than a dog chasing its tail or eating dirt. If you notice your dog aggressively licking its paws, it can mean a variety of things, and most of them are health related. Generally speaking, it is most common that this behavior signifies a skin infection, a skin condition, parasites, or environmental or food allergies. While a dog licking its paws can also signify boredom or a bad habit, it is most likely that this means your dog has some kind of allergy or health condition that should be consulted about with your veterinarian.

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