Are Ultrasonic Dog Bark Devices Safe?

Are Ultrasonic Dog Bark Devices Safe?

Ultrasonic dog bark devices provide a humane and safe way to train your dog to stop barking. The way that these devices work is that whenever your dog barks, you can emit a noise from the device that essentially annoys your dog into stopping the barking. Doing this over time will help teach your dog not to bark, and effectively train your pup. Are these devices safe? Absolutely. Are they humane? Yes! They are fully humane and studies have been performed that show that they do not harm hearing, neurological health, or emotional health of dogs. 

There are definitely inhumane methods of training a dog to stop barking such as shock collars, which emit electric jolts into the neck of your dog. These dog bark collars are inhumane and can lead to increased anxiety and stress of your furry friend. Spanking, another common method used by pet owners, is also not recommended. Spanking your dog is another stress inducer that can also harm your relationship and cause your dog to mistrust you. You never want to do anything to stop barking that is going to harm your dog physically or mentally and emotionally.

While these methods are not recommended, ultrasonic dog bark devices such as Bark Be Gone take a different approach. Bark Be Gone utilizes ultrasonic sound, which, at worst, will annoy your dog so that they understand not to bark or they will hear the ringing. The frequency is high enough that it is not picked up by the human ear, but your dog is able to hear it. This way, there is no pain felt by your dog, and hence leaving the anxiety inducing methods that include physical reprimanding behind.

Over time, with using the device, your dog will learn to stop barking. This is an effective, 100% safe, and perfectly humane way to stop dog barking. Over time, you will also be able to stop using the device as your dog learns and becomes trained to stop barking. We recommend as with any pet training to go in with a patient and loving mind, and only choose humane options for your furry friend. If you wouldn’t like it done to you, don’t do it during pet training. 

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