Boredom Busters For Dogs

A bored dog can be a real pain, and it is also sad to think of the little guys that we love being unhappy or bored. A bored dog can bark incessantly, tear up furniture, and involve other less than desirable behaviors. By keeping your dog happy and occupied, you will have a much better time as a pet owner and your dog will thank you for ensuring that they have a positive and high quality life. We are going to take a look at some boredom busters for dogs below.

Dog TV

Dog TV may sound like a funny phrase, but it does exist and for some dogs they truly enjoy it. By going to Youtube or a competing video platform and searching for dog tv and putting it on your television at home, you may help keep your dog happy and occupied. What is dog tv? Dog TV is a specialized long video of things that dogs enjoy or get excited over. Squirrels, other dogs, and even landscapes complete with custom audio specifically geared towards dog enjoyment. Besides being a possible boredom buster if you notice your dog is entertained by it, it is also downright adorable.

Kong Toys

Kong toys are a classic boredom buster for dogs, but filling a kong toy with your dogs favorite treats like sweet potatoes, veggies, and meats and freezing it in the freezer, it will last longer and keep your dog busy for a long time. This is a classic go-to Kong hack that is loved by pet owners because it increases the amount of time that your dog will be satisfied with the treat.

Bone Marrow

Bone marrow bones are great because dogs love to spend hours getting out the filling. Not only is this an enjoyable experience that keeps your dog busy, but they love the taste so it doubles as a fun treat! Bone marrow bones are easy to find, and can be found at any local pet store and purchased for anywhere between $10-25. 

Take A Walk!

This is a classic one, but sometimes the best boredom buster is just to tire your dog out with a long walk and plenty of playtime so that they sleep whenever they are indoors. By taking your dog on frequent walks that are long enough for them to get out some of their pent up energy or stopping by the dog park and throwing a toy for the little guy, you can have a nice sleepy dog whenever you’re indoors.

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