Common Bark Be Gone Questions

Common Bark Be Gone Questions

We know that you want the best for your pet just like we do, and because of that you want your questions answered about the products that you are using. Because of this, we have compiled some of the most common Bark Be Gone questions for you. Whether you’re wondering about battery life, safety, veterinarian recommendation, or more, we have compiled our most commonly asked Bark Be Gone dog bark trainer questions for you.

How Does Bark Be Gone Work?

Bark Be Gone is an ultrasonic dog bark device that uses sound to stop dog barking. Whenever you play the sound for a barking dog, it will annoy them out of stopping their barking. Over tine, with consistency of use, you will notice that your dog gets trained to stop barking and the barking will subside. 

What If My Dog Starts Barking Again?

If you notice that after consistently training with Bark Be Gone ultrasonic stop dog barking device your pet continues barking or begins barking again, simply either begin training with the device again, or take a break from using the device and begin again. This will help reinforce to your dog why you are using it and remind them about what acceptable versus non acceptable behaviors are.

Does Bark Be Gone Dog Bark Controller Use Batteries?

Bark Be Gone’s dog bark controller uses batteries. For more detailed product information, visit our Bark Be Gone remote control dog bark device page.

Where Does Bark Be Gone Ship From?

Bark Be Gone ships all of our products, including our ultrasonic pet trainer, from USA warehouses. This ensures quality of our delivery, in addition to ensuring fast shipping times for our customers.

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