Dog Bark Collar - Humane or Not?

Dog Bark Collar - Human Or Not?

Instead of a dog bark collar, opt for a more humane approach.

Often times we are asked about the infamous dog bark collar, and whether electric collars are humane or effective for dogs. While it can be tempting and seem like an option that is widely used causing you to wonder, "how bad can it be", dog bark collars are largely painful, inhumane, and largely ineffective.

We have all heard the old saying about positive reinforcement for dogs, but with dog barking it can be difficult to pin down when positive reinforcement is correct to implement, leading some to explore other methods. Dog bark collars use electricity and electric shock using a remote control to give a shock to your furry friend, which has other negative side effects. This can lead to more skittishness, mistrust in you as the owner, and create more behavioral problems than it solves.

On top of this, if you've never personally worn a dog bark collar or had the pleasure of accidentally stepping on or touching an electric fence, you will know the severe discomfort that comes with electricity coursing through your body, even at a low voltage. Aside from potentially damaging your relationship with your dog and creating more behavioral issues, it is inhumane and never okay to purposefully harm an animal, even in the guise of "training".

Bark Be Gone offers a fully humane dog barking device that trains your dog to stop barking humanely and effectively using ultrasonic sound. Our dog barking device does not damage hearing, cause pain, or discomfort and can be used effectively to help your pup learn how to stop barking.

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