Dog Training - Things To Avoid

Dog Training - Things To Avoid

When training your dog, it can be a confusing endeavor and one that you want to get right. To help you feel confident training your furry friend, we have compiled a few things to avoid when training your dog. 

Punishing Instead Of Awarding

Positive reinforcement, as many people are aware, is much more effective than negative reinforcement. Using positive reinforcement such as treats instead of using spanking can improve your relationship with your furry friend, while spanking can cause a mistrust in you from your pup. Making sure to utilize positive reinforcement whenever possible with vocalization, treat giving, and pets can be much more effective and humane for your pup.

Not Using Good Enough Treats

If your dog isn’t overly excited about the treats being used, then your dog will not feel rewarded enough by the treats. We recommend finding treats that are both healthy and tasty for your pup. If you need a great way to figure out your dogs favorite treat, then buy a couple of options and see which one your dog goes for first. 

Not Giving Treats Fast Enough

While as humans our short term and long term memory work together in a way that we can remember a task, complete it, and remember why we completed it, dog psychology is a whole different ball game. If you do not immediately give a treat to your dog whenever they successfully complete a training exercise, then your dog can forget and then not associate the treat with the task. Making sure to keep treats already in your hand while you are training your furry friend can ensure that your dog is getting the reward that they need to understand their good behavior.

Expecting Perfection Too Soon

Dog training takes a lot of patience, and this patience is not to be overlooked. Whenever you’re working with a dog to train them, make sure that you are ready to be patient, loving, and understanding of your furry friend. Making sure that training is gone into with appropriate expectations is extremely important for both you and your dog. This will help you avoid frustration, and have realistic expectations.

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