How To Use Bark Begone To Train Your Dog To Stop Barking

How To Use Bark Begone To Train Your Dog To Stop Barking

Bark Begone is an easy to use ultrasonic dog trainer that can effectively train your dog to stop barking. While our dog barking device is easy to use and provides amazing results, it is important to understand how Bark Begone works and how to use this device effectively to train your dog. To ensure you are having a positive experience and easy to use experience, we have compiled some of our top tips for using Bark Be Gone.

Only use Bark Be Gone whenever your dog is barking.

While this may sound rudimentary, it is important to make sure the device is out of the hands of children or those who may not know or understand it’s purpose to avoid falsely signaling your pup. Whenever dogs receive false signals, they can begin to misunderstand your wants and commands, causing them to not improve on behavior as they should. By keeping your Bark Be Gone only for dog barking, you can ensure it’s effectiveness through training.

Pair Bark Be Gone with classic reward based training methods.

Reward based training methods are the “gold standard” of dog training, and pairing them with a dog barking device is no different. By ensuring that you are also using reward based training methods, such as if your dog listens to your commands to heel and stay silent whenever a dog or human is passing by, you can reinstate to your pup exactly what your expectations are and what you want them to do. This is a fantastic method to pair with our training device, and is highly recommended as it will only increase the efficacy of your results. Keep those treats handy, and get to training!

If you notice Bark Be Gone becoming less effective, cycle your dog on and off of it.

Dogs become accustomed to their surroundings, and so ensuring that your dog is always responsive to training methods is important. If you notice that your pup is not being as responsive to Bark Be Gone, take some time away from the training method, and then re-start it. After this, the effectiveness will shoot back up, and your dog will be more responsive to the training.

These are a few of our tips for using Bark Be Gone to effectively and humanely train your dog to stop barking. To purchase Bark Be Gone, visit our shop page! For questions about our products, visit our contact page and one of our customer service representatives will be with you shortly. Bark Be Gone is an incredibly effective and 100% humane way to train your dog, and by using it correctly, you can ensure that you will see the results you want with your furry friend.

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