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RED Glo Leash - Waterproof LED Glow Leash For Dogs

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Product Details

This Bark Begone LED Glo Leash is waterproof and the bright LED leash keeps you and your dog safe during walks at dawn, dusk and night. The length of the leash is 1.2 M or 3.9 feet long.

How To Use

Charge the leash using the USB charger, then attach to your dogs collar or harness like any other leash!

If your dog pulls a lot while walking, loop the handle around your fist and hold the LED cord as well, it will protect the LED lead.

*not retractable


Easy to clean with damp cloth or wet wipes, Rechargeable - up to 8 hrs , Rainproof / Water Resistant!, Flashlight built in into the handle., and LED works on 2 settings, lighting up alone, or with flashlightUSB CHARGING - This Bark Begone LED Glo Leash leash is rechargeable and waterproof and its charge lasts up to 8 hrs. It can be fully charged in 2.3 hours via USB through computer, charger, power bank or car charging.

WATERPROOF AND EASY TO CLEAN - The Bark Begone LED Glo Leash is waterproof and easy to clean with a damp cloth or wet wipes. It is rain proof and water resistant.

BUILT-IN FLASHLIGHT, 3 SETTINGS OF LED - There is a built-in Flashlight in the handle. The LED of Bark Begone LED Glo Leash works on 3 settings - it lights up in the leash, or with the handle flashlight, or with both.

FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR FOUR LEGGED FRIEND - The Bark Begone LED Glo Leash lights up in the dark keeping you and your dog safe. If your dog likes to pull a lot while walking, loop the leash lightly around your fist to support the LED wiring, it will protect the LED lead. No Batteries Needed.

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What Our Customers Say About our
RED Glo Leash - Waterproof LED Glow Leash For Dogs

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Nadia P. (Newmarket, CA)
Excellent visibility at night

I bought this leash last year and it is great- I charge it every couple of weeks and no problems. I bought 2 more for friends as the visibility at night is amazing. Highly recommend for walking the dog at night!

natalia m. (Houston, US)
Amazing Product!

I live on a golf course where people love just riding golf carts around, with this new glow leash I can feel safe walking my beautiful pomeranian in the dark. we love this and will get it in the other colours. I completely recommend!