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Air Purifier "The Zone" HEPA Filter with Ultra-Violet Light

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The Portable “Air-Scrubber” That Lets You Finally Breathe. This Air Purifier Reduces Allergies, Asthma, and Odors Wherever You Go. Built in UV Light Kills Viruses Dead!

This is truly a personal Air Purifier! Less than 3 inches x 7 inches - made to fit in the cupholder of your car! Perfect to leave running during car pool, take to work and leave on your desk, or put on your bedside table. Keep the air around you clean and safe.

How To Use

Super easy to use

Simply plug into any USB device with the cord (included) and turn it on. The purification begins immediately.


Purify the air you breathe

The level 3 true HEPA filter eliminates 99.97% of both large and small dirty air particles like bacteria, viruses, mold spores, dust, pet dander, second-hand smoke, and lingering odors, leaving behind fresh, pure air.

Reduce asthma and allergies

Without dust mites, pollen, and other allergens floating around, you may notice a reduction in your asthma and allergy symptoms, as well as seasonal illness.

Remove smelly odors

Bad smells that build up from cooking, pets, and every day household activity get trapped in the air. The Zone eliminates them - it doesn’t just cover them up - so they don’t end up in your lungs.

Save you money

Regular air purifiers are $800+ plus the cost of new filters every few months. The Zone is a fraction of that cost, and it doesn’t require any tricky maintenance!

Even though you can’t see it, the incessant filth in your air is floating all around you

Dirty particles from everyday life get trapped inside your carpet, clothes, bedsheets, and furniture. They’re constantly floating around you, even if you can’t see or smell them.

Once people realize this, many go straight for an air freshener. That doesn’t work because the freshener just covers up the odors, or makes it worse by adding more chemicals to the air.

Some people try huge air purifiers. Those may work to clean the air, but they cost an arm and a leg and create a hideous eye-sore in your otherwise lovely home.

So what if you don’t use any of those? Well, the alternative is piling up the filth in the air around you, breathing it all in, and living with the allergies, asthma, and embarrassing smells.

The Zone is how Americans are deep cleaning the air in their homes and relieving bad odors and allergies

Finally, you can come home to a truly pure, clean, and safe environment. You can breathe in crisp, fresh air without inhaling allergy-triggering contaminants, or living with bad odors.

The Zone deep cleans your air. It “scrubs” your air clean from dangerous bacteria, viruses, and allergens. Leaving behind fresh, crisp air to breathe.

How does Zone work?

The secret is in the ionizing 3-Step filtration system that captures 99.97% of airborne filth.

The ionizer setting releases negatively charged particles into the air. Those particles bind with the harmful airborne particles around you, increasing in density. The full-radius airflow system of the purifier sucks in the new, denser particles and captures them in 3 unique filters carrying different properties.

This advanced system is done automatically and virtually without sound, and effectively deep cleans your air, leaving it fresh and pure.

You can use it in any room of the house. That’s especially true for your bedroom when you’re sleeping, or the office when you’re working from home. The air effectively purifies with a 360-degree radius. And it’s so quiet you’ll hardly even know it’s there.

Captures 99.97% of dirty particles

Certified true HEPA filter is the most trusted system that’s used by corporations, hospitals, and homes alike to purify the air of most harmful contaminants, including bacteria, viruses, and bad odors.

Energy Efficient

No electricity-guzzling power cords. You can reduce your carbon footprint while still cleaning your air. You can either recharge the included rechargeable battery, or switch it out to a regular battery-your choice!

Ultraviolet Virus Killer Feature

Filters just trap particles. Our proprietary UV light actually uses the power of ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses dead!

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Air Purifier "The Zone" HEPA Filter with Ultra-Violet Light

Customer Reviews

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Kelin M. (Houston, US)
Works so well!

We’ve been using this air purifier a few weeks and it’s pulled so much junk out of our air! It’s super powerful for the size of it and we are already breathing easier.