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Dog Safety In The Car

Dog safety is a concern of every canine keeper. I mean, we all love our precious canine companions!

This protection issue gets massive once you decide to travel with them. Your mutt gets super excited as soon as they see you put on your shoes and hear the jingling keys in your pocket!

But wow, once they enter the car, their behavior can be overwhelming. They take it as a great adventure and act accordingly.

However, this thrilling response can soon turn into bad behavior. Behavior such as chewing the car, barking at other cars, or knocking their head on the window. They might try to get in the driver’s seat or start running from side to side.

All of this can distract you and result in a serious accident. Therefore, it is highly recommended to restrain your dog to avoid such scenarios.

You might feel restricting your best friend is cruel. Still, this is the best thing to keep your dog safe. (trust us!)

There are plenty of dog safety products in the market. If you want to know the perfect fit for your Fido, keep on reading!

Safety Seat Belt Leashes

Pet Car Seat Belt

This is great for a wriggling dog, that likes to be everywhere in the car - especially the driver's lap!


A safety leash is used in concert with a car seat or harness. It keeps your little buddy in place effectively. Check out ours HERE. Our Bark Begone Dog Safety Seat belt is durable with reinforced stitching and has a carabiner style clip.

It works great with small breed dogs, such as a Bichon Frise, a Papillon or even larger breeds like Labs. Safe seat belts can turn out to be an effective training tool in the car. They do not allow your dog to distract you, and this leads to greater road safety for everyone.

Using this assures your dog stays safe without excessive pulling and pushing, or yelling.

However, it is suggested to use a harness with a front clip to clip the safety seat belt leash to. It renders greater control over your dog. Safety seat belts also perform better with a carabiner type clip. Simple clips can fail under the extreme force caused by sudden braking. Carabiners are much stronger and so safer. 

The Holy Grail For Your “Pawsenger!”


lily seatbelt

Harnesses are a great option for your dog who hasn’t learned to walk on a leash, or has a brachiated snout (a snub-nosed breed). Check out our harnesses HERE - they are durable, comfortable, easy to adjust and beautiful

It is also recommended for your big buddy who is hard to handle in the car. A plus point is that it will keep your dog in control even after reaching your destination.

A harness usually has a loop or something similar attached to it. You can cinch the strap of your car’s seat belt through this loop, but a safety seat belt (see above) specifically for a dog is ideal to use in tandem with a harness.

It is a great product for dog safety for car. If you look for something easy and convenient to use, this is it!  A harness helps to restrict your mutt without excessive strain on the back and neck.

Your pooch might be prone to injury and pulling if he is very small. If your dog is having trouble lifting itself, a harness helps you pull them up gently.

Crates and Carriers

The Best Dog Car Seats

Crate and carriers are great options for dog safety in the car. You can drive comfortably with your dog if you own either of them. The door of the carrier will prevent your puppy from escaping and moving freely throughout the vehicle. Moreover, it will make sure your pooch is safe in case of an accident.

However, there are certain things to consider before getting one. First and foremost, make sure the size is right. It should be large enough that your baby can turn around inside it and stand up.

Buy a crate with enough ventilation, and add a crate liner and a travel blanket. Travelling can be tiresome for anyone! So make sure that your dog is comfortable. A lovey is a good idea as well.

You can place the carrier in the back seat or the way back, if you have a wagon or SUV. Make sure to keep a blanket for covering the crate. This will make your dog much more relaxed. Don’t put the dog in the bed of a pickup truck unless they are used to riding back there, and secure the crate so it doesn’t slide around.


Safety Car Seat 

Dog Safety In The Car

Those furry wonders with wet noses and wagging tails leave telltale signs wherever they go! However, this can be a bit annoying when your car gets dirty.

If your dog does the same, this product is for you. A dog safety car seat protects your car’s fabric upholstery. It also saves the interior from shedded fur, nail scratches, paw marks, and drool.

A sudden jerk might startle your little guy. They might feel unsafe and start barking and whining. It is an excellent product to keep your dog in place. A dog safety car seat can also provide your mutt the luxury of a cozy place. The same feeling they get while sitting in front of the fireplace beside you on the couch.

Motion sickness is a common issue when it comes to dogs and humans. However, this product can reduce that problem for puppies.

Finally, a carseat raises your dog to higher level. It makes your pup feel refreshed by looking outside and hopefully, getting fresh air and new sniffs.

Back Seat barrier

dog car seat

Has your “pawful” partner ever jumped from the back seat to the front without any warning? If yes, then this product is for you!

Installing a barrier in your car will prevent your mutt from dashing out once the door gets opened.

Your buddy might be excited to get your attention or get frustrated by traveling. This product also helps you cope with your anxious pet.

It provides them a safe place of their own. This makes your fussbudget get calm and relaxed.

Along with dog safety, this product ensures your security too. It allows you to drive safely without any distractions.

You don’t have to turn or look for your dog after a sudden jerk. This helps you avoid unwanted accidents and mishaps.


Bonus Tips For Your Dog Safety!

What else can I do to keep my dog safe? Aren’t these products enough for dog safety in the car? Stop! Save yourself from wondering, we’ve done the research on your behalf.

Here are some tips every pet owner should know!


Never leave your pet alone

Leaving something so valuable alone would not be the right choice. There are endless risks and mishaps that can take place.

Such as, your car getting extremely warm or freezing cold. Such extreme weather can affect your dog's safety. Even if you leave the car on, still a lot of issues such as theft or robbery can take place.

Always make the safety of your pet a priority.

Don’t forget the toys

Having a car ride with your dog can be all fun and games, till they get cranky or bored!

They might want your attention or get irritated by sitting in the car. In that case, unwanted accidents and mishaps can take place. Therefore, make sure you bring some favorite toys with you.

Toys are a great way to keep your little angel engaged. This distraction will keep them happy and entertained.

 “All is well if the dog is well!”

Health certificate

If you’re planning to take your dog on an exotic international trip, don’t forget their health certificate. I repeat never!

Several places require a fitness certificate from your vet, or a pet passport. Such documents guarantee that the dog’s health is verified. It shows that they have no contagious disease or ailments that could make travel risky.

In case of absence, you might get fined heavily. Take a picture of the certificate or passport and keep it on your phone, or print it and keep with your personal ID.

Remember, you don't want to ruin your trip by forgetting the essentials at home.

Final Verdict

Dog safety is a huge concern when your favorite travel partner is a four-legged goofball. At the end of the day, our pet is like our baby. We cannot live without their barks, snuffs, and grunts.

 Thus, never travel without something that always ensures your pooch’s safety!



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