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How To Introduce A New Dog To Your Old Dog

Congratulations! You have decided to take in a new puppy. Making an addition to your fur family is always a worthwhile experience.

However, if you have an old dog already at home, the situation gets a bit tricky! You should be prepared to see your new dog not getting along your old dog.

Although dogs are known to be social and friendly with other dogs, , it unfortunately may not be the case when you introduce your new puppy to your resident buddy.

Nevertheless, don’t let this possibility make you indecisive. You should still go for it!

Are you scared of witnessing your older dog attacking a new puppy? Or vise versa? Do you want to know how to introduce a puppy to your dog? If yes, then keep on reading! 

Your Guide to Introducing a New Dog to Your Current Dog:

Make An Introduction

After adopting your new puppy, your initial thoughts must be “how do I introduce this puppy to my dog?” You have to make a few adjustments to let their first interaction be peaceful.

Don’t even think about taking your new puppy home to introduce them. Your house is considered the territory of your older dog. Seeing a new pet seeking your attention might infuriate them!

Take both of them to open areas, where there are a lot of distractions. Also, be certain  they both have their leashes on, so that their first meeting can go smoothly.

Give them time to get familiar with each other. Stay tolerant and patient with your fur babies! 


Once you’re assured that both pups are on neutral terms. The follow-up is to let them cross their paths at your home.

Undoubtedly, it might get a bit risky. However, if everything goes well, they should easily get along with each other.

At least for the first few weeks, monitor both of your dogs closely. Observe their behavior and let them play in the same space for a time being. 

If you do see clues that your new dog is not getting along with the  old dog, separate them for a while, without making it a punishment. Don’t go hard on your furballs and allow them to go with the flow! 

Feeding The Canines

Now that your new puppy has become a part of your family, taking care of this little mutt has become your responsibility. 

Therefore, try being a little more cautious your little guy, without making your big guy upset. Don’t set up a situation where they compete for resources, like food.

Start by feeding them in separate rooms. Don’t even place their water bowls in the same area.

This way your new puppy won’t be hesitant while eating.

 Your big buddy will also be less curious about the new dog this way. 

Sleeping Routine

It’s your first night with new puppy. Make sure your little pooch feels at home. Control their access to the rest of the house by putting them in a cozy bed, with toys, in a kennel or a small space. 

Make sure your older chum is on good terms with your new puppy. After that, try making them sleep in the same quarters, too.

You can rest assured if both of your comrades will  sleep in each other’s presence. If you’ve accomplished this phase, then good work! You have achieved the comfort level that was needed.

However, pay attention equally to both of them at bedtime so that they don’t get into any conflict. Your doggos don’t care if the attention is more necessary for training a new pup, they just see that one is getting more attention, and that attention is just another resource they may fight over. 

Overcoming Jealousy

Your first dog has been there with you through thick and thin. They might get a bit taken aback by this new addition to your family. 

Before the new puppy entered your house, the older dog was your sole companion. Therefore, they need some space to accept your new companion. 

The question arises, how to start introducing a new dog to a jealous dog? The root cause of your pooch’s jealousy is insecurity, and the fear of getting replaced. 

Only you can ease their mental tension. Start by spending the same amount of time and paying the same attention to them. 


Don’t go overboard to make your little puppers compatible with each other. Attempt to let their bond grow naturally and positively.

To make them familiar with each other, let them play occasionally. Within playing periods, pay attention to their postures and body language! Ensure that they are not frozen in one spot, not giving hard gazes, and are not in a tense position. What can you do to encourage your companions to play and have fun together? The answer is delicious treats in the form of rewards.

After every amiable behavior, give them dog treats and toys. Their frequent encounters will surely make these little guys accustomed to each other. 

Walking Them Together

Making both of your doggos take part in mutual activities is ideal! It will not only be beneficial in building their relationship, but they will start to accept each other. Select a peaceful spot, when you take them on a walk, so that they get the utmost chance to get well-oriented. 

Maintain a distance between them, to avoid any unpleasant event from happening. Don’t let them run into each other.

Wait for the moment they become comfier and a bit loosen up. You should be proud of yourself, as your efforts have finally borne fruits! 

Training Games

When you’re already in some park or some placid spot, why not take advantage of it? If the situation seems to be under control, try your luck!

Supervise them so that you don’t encounter your older dog attacking the new puppy. 

With intention of making them best buddies, make them sit in a row. Take out some attractive dog chewies to attract their attention. Throw them and ask your pups to grab the treats. 

Train both of them to sit and give high-fives together. These training games will make them well-trained. Additionally, it will also make them acquainted with each other’s scents. 

The process might sound exhausting. Stay the course, as in no time you’ll see them wagging tails at each other! 

Keep Them Supervised

It’s better to keep your furry friends at a distance while they are still in the introductory phase. It is suggested to keep their areas separate.

Accompanying each other all the time is not a pleasant thing to do too. Your mates are just like we humans, and need some privacy and space too! It is highly recommended, however,  to never leave them alone together. While you’re away they might start growling, biting, and quarreling with each other. Something even worse can be expected, too!

Therefore, when you’re away, it’s better to keep your new puppy and your older dog separate. This initiative will ensure their security as well as will make their behavior positive.

Final Verdict

It may take you months to form an amicable relationship between both dogs.. But once the connection is formed it will be worth the wait. 

Try to be patient as you are the common key between your dogs. Try your best to keep calm even when things don’t go as planned. 

Praise them on showing improvement and comfort them when they are sad or gloomy. Spare no effort to make the best out of the given tips. Keep at it, and they will become the best friends to each other that you’ve been dreaming of!


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