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How to Introduce Your Dog to New Things

 Have you planned to move?  Getting another pet? Having a baby? Are you worried about introducing your dog to new things? If so, you’re in luck!

Your canine buddy might not like the idea of changing their environment. They usually prefer sticking to a similar schedule, people and surroundings. This whole process becomes more complex when your roommates have pets too.

If you have no idea about how to get a dog to get along with another dog, things are going to be tricky. Your older dog might start attacking a new puppy, cats, and kittens.

If you want to save yourself from that unwanted agony, read on, my friend. Here are some ways you can effectively introduce your dog to new things.


How to Introduce Your Dog to a New House

You cannot overstate  your dog’s anxiety about moving to a new home. Canines usually prefer staying in a fairly constant environment. A sudden change in the surroundings can be overwhelming for your pooch.

It is suggested to prepare your pooch beforehand if you’re moving to a new place. Here are some tips that you can follow:

Establish A Predictable Routine

Does your dog has a certain feeding, sleeping, and eating routine? If not, you better start working on it. Designate a specific area for him to eat and sleep.

Having a certain schedule will help your pooch in adjusting to your new place. Keep the same routine in the new place. If your pet is already crate trained, this can make the process a lot easier.

Keep Packing Boxes Hidden

Just like humans, dogs also get irritated by unexpected hustle and bustle. Therefore, shifting and packing don’t sit well with them.

To keep their agitation at bay, place the boxes out of sight, or keep the dog away from the area packing is happening. Try to pack your dog’s essentials ( such as blanket, crate, toys) last.

Engaged Them With Treats

It’s no secret that dogs can be bought with bribes!

Chew toys and treats can be a great way to distract him. This can effectively work to make him avoid household disruption.

Let Them Explore

Give your baby a house tour. This will help your dog to get familiar with the new place. Keep your tone happy and lively during that time.

Dogs can easily sense emotions. You being worried can increase the dog’s anxiety from moving to new home. Try to keep him close if it is your dog’s first night in new home.  

How to Introduce Your Dog to New People

Does your new house have other family members? Is your dog familiar with them? If not, you have to put in some effort into this introduction as well!

It can be a bit tricky initially. However, with the right approach, you can make it happen.


Positive Reinforcement

You need to make the first meeting of your dog with new people a positive experience. For that, try to choose a neutral place for the initial encounter. A lot of changes can make your pooch curious. 

You can also give your dog their favorite treats. This way they will enjoy this interaction. They will associate it with something affirming and good. .

Behavioral Training

A socially active dog can easily get along with others. If your puppy is not used to it, starting to train them before shifting. 

Assess how well your pet responds to commands and cues. You need to have good control over them. An ill-mannered pet can be dangerous for unknown individuals.

Take some extra help

You can have better control by incorporating some add-ons. Use items such as a leash or a head halter. Head halters are usually recommended when your pet does not respond to verbal commands. 

However, if you are concerned about the probability of aggression, you can opt for a basket muzzle. It covers the whole mouth area of the canine. However, it is still loose around the puppy’s mouth. This allows him to eat, drink, and pant while providing protection. The muzzle can protect others from your dog’s aggressive behavior, and often just wearing one works to make your dog immediately more submissive.

How to Introduce Your Dog to New Animals

The reaction of your dog to new pets depends on its temperament and experience. If your dog has been ruling your place for ages, things are going to be a bit complicated. 

The most common and complex interactions are usually with dogs and cats. If you’re wondering, “how to introduce a puppy to your dog?” or “how to get a dog and cat to get along?” we have got you covered!

Establishing Dog To Dog Relationship

First things first, try to make the first interaction calm and peaceful. You can also try introducing dogs in the backyard. The key point is making them meet in a place where there is little to no interruption.



After that, try to make them cross each other paths from time to time. They should get used to each other’s presence eventually. If your pooch is not getting along with new puppy, take him to a separate place. 

Make sure they don’t eat in the same bowl or at the same place. Your dog might be hesitant to eat in front of the new puppy. Try to take them on walks together. Don’t bring anything around them that can cause jealousy and competition. 

Establishing Dog to Cat relationship

Try to observe the gestures of both the pets. If your dog is constantly staring at the cat, separate your dog. Cats and kittens usually don’t attract dogs. However, to create a stable relationship, both parties should have compatible temperaments.


  An energetic and playful canine won’t get along with a shy and fearful cat. A calmer and confident cat can be a better option. Otherwise, your dog might start to chase her. 


Always make sure the environment is controlled. Keep your dog on a leash along with a mouth guard. Make sure your cat has a place to escape to if the dog decides to give chase.

How to Introduce Your Dog to New Babies and Children

If you’re about to have a new baby yourself, nine months would be enough to prepare your dog. Training a dog for a new baby is not that difficult as it sounds. 

It might sound strange but you can have a doll and treat it like your baby. Let your dog get gradually familiar with it. Get your mutt to know about baby essentials, like a crib, diapers,, lotions and powders. 

Push your future baby’s stroller while making your pooch walk along with it. Your neighbor could think you’re crazy but this would help you out. 

After birth, involve him in some baby activities. Such as, pamper changing and bathing. 

In the case of children, restrict some places only to your puppy initially. This way you don’t have to worry about their unwanted interaction. 

Try to keep your pooch’s bowl on a higher shelf when it’s not food time. Your dog won’t like their things being touched by someone unknown. 

Always supervise till you are completely satisfied. Never leave your dog alone if you’re not completely sure of the consequences.


Introducing your dog to new things can be hectic when there’s so much going on. Accomodating their needs and anxiety takes a lot of effort. Having them stressed when you’re already stressed can make matters worse. 

Take help from these tips and make your life a bit easier. 


Do you have no idea about how to introduce your dog to new things? If so, give it a read!

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