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How to Stop a Dog from Barking


“My dog loves to sit at the window and bark at everything that passes by - what can I do?” Read on to learn how to stop a dog from barking humanely and easily!

 This is a common question that we hear almost daily from our customers. Dogs do bark for many reasons -they bark to play, to warn of danger, or they have to go outside. This barking does not irritate most dog owners-it’s how their dog communicates, after all! What drives dog owners crazy is unwarranted, repetitive barking. This type of barking often requires patient training to break the bad habit.

 This is where Bark Begone really shines. When your dog is barking and it’s the unwanted variety, click the button on setting I. They will hear the sound (you likely won’t, as it’s ultrasonic and above your hearing range), and because the sound is one that dogs rarely, if ever, have heard before, they stop barking in order to listen. If they’re unsure of why they heard it, they might even come to you!  When they stop, you reward them immediately with a little treat, a pet, and a very enthusiastic, “good dog!”.  Repeat this the next time they do the behavior.  Bark, you click immediately - they will look at you, and stop, and you immediately reward them.  Dogs want to make their owners happy-it’s in their nature-and once they realize they are hearing the Bark Begone because you are essentially telling them, ‘Stop!’, their behavior will get better and better as the training sets in.

 Just a note - this training works for any bad behavior you don’t like. Maybe your dog jumps up on your friend when they come to the door- click the button. And when their attention is back on you, because they’ve learned to stop what they are doing when they hear the Bark Begone, you reward them with a treat, a pet and a “good dog”. Maybe they are sneaky and try to eat your steak from the counter - same thing - click the button - when they get down and look at you - go to them, reward them with a treat, a pet, and a “good dog”, because the key to success isn’t punishing them for what they did, it’s rewarding them when they STOP. You will be amazed at how fast your dog learns! Even old dogs can learn new tricks with a Bark Begone in hand.

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Feb 22, 2022

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