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Is Your Dog A Chewer? Here’s How To Deal With It

Is your pooch a destructive chewing monster? If yes, don’t worry! We will help you to deal with it.

Dogs chew toys, sticks, and bones. Chewing is their instinct. However, the problem arises when they also gnaw chair legs, book pages, and pillow covers. 

The situation gets worse when they nibble your favorite heels! (yikes!)

There are several reasons why your mutt’s excessively gnawing. He might be suffering from separation anxiety, teething, or boredom.

Your mutt may be frustrated by the fear of staying alone. Chewing might be a way of reducing their stress. Next time you return home and see your house destroyed, you know the reason! 

If your puppy is around 8 weeks of age, they could be going through the teething process. They can have super sore gums. This can also be a reason for their excessive nibbling. 

No matter what the reason is, this habit can cause a lot of issues. Your pooch might start nibbling electric wires, toxic plants, and harmful household cleaning chemicals. 

It is not possible to completely stop your mutt’s chewing habit. However, there are some ways that can help you deal with it.

Identify Medical Issues

There can be several underlying issues resulting in excessive dog gnawing.

Is your dog chewing feet? Does he whine along with that? If yes, chances are that he is suffering from pain. There might be a thorn or any rough metal piece stuck in his food pad. 

Another reason can be Hormonal imbalance. Your mutt might have low thyroid or high cortisol hormone secretion.

Poor mental health can also cause this compulsive behavior. Your pooch might be suffering from anxiety or depression. 

Finally, your dog could suffer from allergies, either from what their food pads are in contact with, or from their food. It is advised to take your dog to a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Canine-Proof  Your Place

Have you ever observed toddlers opening every single drawer, sneaking inside cabinets, putting everything in their mouth? Your pooch is no different! 

Just like baby-proofing, you need to dog-proof your house. Start by concealing all the electric cords and sockets.

Uncovered electrical units can cause extreme damage. Your dog might try to chew it and get electrocuted. 

Your little furball gets super curious. They can try to open cabinets and drawers. 

Your pooch might gnaw all the important documents stored in those compartments. You can use child proof fasteners and latches for prevention. Try using dog chew toys to distract him.

Carefully Select Your Dog’s Toys

A chewing dog tends to nibble and swallow everything. In such a case, dog chew toys come in handy.

There are several options available in the market. Examples include puppy teeth toys, bully sticks, rawhide bones, Nylon bones and dog chew toys. 

Each one of them serves a specific purpose. However, it is recommended to use Nylon bones and toys made of rubber. They are much safer and non-hazardous. Another great option is elk antlers. They rarely chip and last for a long time. Moreover, they are non-allergic (A great alternative for sensitive mutts!). 

Try to avoid or limit rawhide bones. They might get trapped inside your mutt’s esophagus or cause intestinal blockage.

Divert Their Attention

Supervise your pooch’s behavior. Try to distract them whenever they try to gnaw something. 

Do not interrupt them by scolding or pushing him away. Your mutt will get scared and won’t adopt any behavior correction. The chewing isn’t the problem, WHAT they’re chewing is. 

Give him chewing treats and toys. This will help him distinguish between chewable items and household items. 

If you’re going out for some time, use a dog crate. Make sure you place some chew toys and calming treats inside the carrier. They will be excited to chill in their kennel with goodies! 

It should be confirmed that your baby is crate trained already. However, do not leave them alone for more than 4 to 5 hrs.

Use Chewing Deterrents

Chewing deterrents are a great way to get rid of dog chewing habits. It comes up in many varieties, like spicy, hot, and bitter apple sprays. It works by affecting your mutt’s sense of smell. 

Introduce your dog to the smell first. After that, you can spray this on a small cotton ball. Try to put this piece directly in their mouth. 

They will throw the cotton ball. Along with it, they might also shake their head. This shows that they find the smell unpleasant. 

You can make one of these sprays at home. There are several DIY recipes made of lemon or vinegar on the internet. 

After that, you can start spraying it on your furniture, plants, or anything you want. However, only using these won’t solve the whale issue. You need to use other techniques in conjunction to solve this chewing problem effectively. 

Engage With Your Dog

The majority of large and small breed dogs are energetic and playful. Not providing them with an optimum environment can make them depressed and frustrated. 

It can result in a lack of physical and mental stimulation. They end up getting bored and start doing random activities such as chewing. 

Engaging your mutt in physical activities eradicates this gnawing habit. You can play many games with them for that purpose. Games such as fetch, tug of war, hide and treat, water games, and chew toy puzzles are great entertainment for them. 

Other than that, you can take your Fido for an evening walk. Let them stroll around in the park or try some fun outdoor activities!

Just try to keep your fur baby as active as possible.

 Use A Pet Camera

A pet camera is an incredible option for your chewy dog. It allows you to supervise your mutt when you’re outside.

Another benefit is that you can instruct them through vocal commands. This will save your dog from gnawing your Louboutins. 

It is suggested to choose a camera continuous recording and two-way audio. These options can calm your pooch if it seems they are anxious or frustrated.

You can also set alarms that are activated by motion. It will send alerts to you when your dog is on the move. 

You can set up multiple cameras across your place if you’re up for a bigger investment. If not, a wide-angle camera is recommended. It will focus on both near and far elements of your house.

Stay Calm

I know it’s hard for you to stay patient when your little munchkin is acting up. However, being aggressive with them will not resolve any issues. 

Chewing is very normal behavior when it comes to dogs. Try to know the reason behind if this habit is going beyond your tolerance. 

Do not slap or hit when you find them gnawing random stuff. This would make them sad and afraid of you. These feelings can develop into anxiety and depression. 

It would be better if you patiently replace those items with chewable items, such as dog chew toys, chew candies, and, calming treats for dogs. 

This technique will  take time and you have to be gentle. Eventually, your mutt would learn the difference between chewable and non-chewable things.

Final Verdict

Don’t be so hard on yourself and your little Chewbacca! It takes time to understand and build a connection between you and your dog. However, leaving you some tips that can come in handy! 


Are you tired of your dog’s chewing habits? Don’t worry! Here are some ways you can deal with it.

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