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Modern Health Care for Dogs-Not Just A Vet Anymore

Do you have a tiny pup by your side? Are you clueless as to  why the little guy whines and barks? If you’re new to doggie parenting, learning how to take care of a dog can surely cause you a lot of stress. 

Being a responsible but busy dog parent, you can’t be running to the vet every time your mutt is acting strange and showing some suspicious symptoms. Sometimes the situation escalates too quickly and you need answers on the double! 

Therefore, acting on the old saying  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” means you must have some Dog health care tips up your sleeves. That way, without hesitation, you can take care of your dog’s health. 

Read on, if you want to know some common dog ailments, and some possible cures at home. 

7 Health Care Tips For Your Furry Friend

Here are 7 ways you can help prevent your dog from getting too unhealthy or prone to infections. The guide for a complete health care plan for dogs is here in this blog. Scroll down to learn some basics about dog health care! 

Feeding A Dog

“You are what you eat.” 

Whatever a person eats is reflected on their face and body. The same goes for your four-legged buddy. If you feed your puppy appropriately and correctly, you surely can save your dog from paying a visit to a vet.

There are some measures you must take to see what you are feeding your dog. Read the list of ingredients on the dog food label. The food must contain some sort of real meat and should have some vegetables, too. A high amount of grains and meat byproduct is a red flag. If cost is an issue, consider buying in bulk or making a simple food for them-the internet is a great resource for simple and cheap dog food recipes.

Your mutt might be sensitive to certain food items. Make sure he doesn’t have dog allergies. Watch for paw licking and indigestion. Try adding some proteins to his diet instead of just fillers. Feed him smaller amounts twice a day. Research your dog’s breed to see what amount to feed them, and common allergy complaints they may have. 

Avoid Overload

“Excess of everything is bad.” 

You should pay close attention to yourself. See that your blind love for your little muffin is not becoming a hazard to their life. Overfeeding your puppy might seem right to you at this moment. However, it can become fatal to your dog’s health care in the long run. 

Make the rule “I’ll only feed my adorable furball when they’ve been active” and stick to it. Do not fill them with their favorite treats and snacks. By doing this you’re doing no good to them. 

Do you want your puppy to live long? Then, stop feeding him any bread dough, raisins, grapes, onions, or xylitol, (which is a non-caloric sweetener), chocolate, or avocado. All of these are toxic to dogs and should be avoided. 


Along with cleaning and taking hygienic care of your dog, it is equally important to groom your dog. You must brush your pup’s coat every day to make it knot-free and smooth.

You should also notice if your fido comes in healthy dog breeds that shed a lot, or is one of those those lucky ones who do not shed at all. However, in the shedding situation, you can get your canine a shed-free shampoo too. 

Giving your shedding pooch bath once a week is enough until it stops losing hair. Then, depending on your dog breed, you should bathe them once or twice a month. Keeping your dog’s hair clean and dirt-free is highly suggested. Otherwise, he might get some secondary dog allergies on the skin. 

Trim their nails regularly. Otherwise, if nails break later, it will be very painful and injurious for your doggo. Use a trimmer like the Bark Begone Perfect Nail Grinder to make life easier. If you walk your dog regularly on cement or asphalt, their nails will naturally stay short, but you still need to trim their dew claw regularly. 

Physical Activities

If you’re a canine owner, you must have heard how crucial physical engagement is for the furballs. However, do you know how much exercise is needed? Well, now you will know!

It depends on which healthy dog breeds you have. If you’ve got a Labrador, they might require a 30-45 minute walk. On the other hand, if you’ve got a little pup, a fetch or ball game might tire them out. 

You should always pick the right physical activities that can help your pooch understand and grow. These activities not only help them get fit but also help them get rid of behavioral problems such as: digging, chewing, and excessive barking. 

If you have physical limitations or time constraints, and find yourself unable to give your dog the exercise they require, look on or Next Door for a dog walker. You may be able to find someone to barter with for dog walking. Maybe you have a skill that can benefit someone else in exchange for walking your Fido! 

Reward-based Training

Dog health care also means giving them mental and behavioral training. Just like kids, pups also need an understanding of the world. Your mutts can get bored just like us. Nonetheless, to spice up their dull life you must do some socializing and interactive exercises with them. 

Start by making your fido mentally stimulated. Give them some obedience training; make them learn how to sit, stand, come and catch. Reward them every time they follow your command. Don’t punish them, make them your true blue friend.

The small treats and other rewards will surely make your mutt enjoy and share quality time with you. 

These sessions will make your bond with your furry companion stronger. These training sessions can be conducted twice a day and can last up to 10-20 minutes. 


“A healthy body comes with a healthy mind.” 

Your little doggy needs to relax and have calmness in their mind to stay healthy. For that, you must make your dog feel comfortable and happy around you. Apart from physical and rewarding activities, try talking to them and playing with them. 

Giving mutual respect and love to your canine buddies is recommended. You must include positive and healthy interaction with your dog in the health care plan for dogs. 

Take time in understanding and observing the traits of your dog. In the case of a puppy, they get familiar with you after some time, when they trust you. However, getting well-acquainted with a big doggo might be a bit tricky. 

Make them believe that you have got their back. To do so, put their name tag on their collar. Dogs are very sensitive and attentive emotionally. It will arouse a sense of safety and security in them. They will be assured and at peace having their own identity. 

Always remember-your dog loves you and needs you!


“Sometimes, your pocket just can’t take it.” 

Are those hefty dog health checkup bills out of your budget? No matter how hard you try, you can’t make both ends meet. Then, you should opt for health insurance for dogs. 

For doing that, you need to do some homework. Browse through the internet and mark the legal and trustworthy insurance companies. See which premium monthly suits you. 

In case, unfortunately, your mutt gets sick or injured, the company will cover most of the expenditures up to a certain limit. Therefore, health insurance for dogs is the best option to go for to ensure your dog health care without breaking the bank. 


“Knowledge is power.”

At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with gaining an understanding of how to take care of a dog. You learn to save your dog from certain mishaps and accidents before they happen. 

In this article many dog health care tips are given that will surely help you take care of your dog on your own. Following all the tips and tricks, you can maintain your fido’s health and make them physically fit. 


You can take basic health care of your dog at home. Ever heard about it? Here’s how! 

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