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Weird Things Dogs Do

You are busy in your kitchen and making your favorite spaghetti for lunch. All of a sudden, you hear a weird thumping sound in the backyard. You might think that there’s something fishy going on.

Anyway, you decide to ignore it and get busy taking some spices out of the cabinets. Yet again, you hear some weird sounds, and now random howls and growls. You might feel like, “Hmm...these sounds are familiar.”

This time you follow the sound. You’re prepared with your mop to fight off whatever is making these sounds. Once you reach the backyard, you discover your furry companion digging up God knows what? Maybe nothing at all! Sounds weird, right?

Many pet owners often get astonished by the random things dogs do. From wrapping themselves with toilet paper to scooting their bottoms on the floor, anything can be expected from them. 

  • However, the question arises, why do dogs do what they do? What can be the actual reason? If you’re in the same boat, and wondering the same thing, we’ve got you covered.

7 Weird Things That dogs Do

1.Staring while pooping

One of the weird things dogs do is locking eyes with you when they’re doing their business. You don’t need to worry because this is completely normal behavior.

Canines feel vulnerable when they are going to the bathroom. This ingrained behavior comes from their ancestors. In ancient times, dogs used to stay in packs. 

They used to take care of each other while they are prone to danger. He might be just looking at you to protect you or feel protected.

Another reason can be seeking approval. This can be the cause especially when your pooch is potty training. He just wants to know, “Am I doing it right?” “Is this the right place to go?” Saying a simple “good boy” would do the job!

2. Scooting Their Butt

Is your puppy rubbing their tush on the carpet ? It might seem like one of the funny things dogs do. However, this scooting can be a result of serious issues.

Among them, the most common cause is an anal sac issue. These are two small scent glands located around the anus. These sacs might get full and cause pain. Dogs rub their behinds to indicate full sacs and to relieve painful pressure. 

Yet, it can be difficult to tell the difference between overly filled sacs or tumors. You can look for discolored tail fur or lift your mutt’s tail to check for infection. If you observe any bruising, pus, bleeding, or swelling, consult a vet specialist immediately.

Another significant cause of this weird behavior is itching allergies. These allergies are usually seasonal. Other than that, food sensitivities, insect bite reactions, and fleas can also be the reason. For initial treatment, a high dose of Mega-3-fatty acids is recommended.

Problematic parasites are one the more distasteful causes of your pooch dragging their behind. The bad news is that not all parasites can be detected by the naked eye. If your pet continues to scoot after giving them a dewormer and flea and tick treatment, get them checked by a specialist.  

3. Uncontrolled Barking

One of the weird things dogs do is excessive howling and growling. Do you often feel that your pooch barks at practically nothing? Do they keep shouting while standing at the window?

There can be many reasons behind these strange actions. One of them can be anxiety and depression. They might have a low-head posture and run in circular motions if that’s the case. Try to soothe your mutt’s agitation by engaging with them as much as possible.

Another reason can be that they are overly excited or frustrated. Your pet can get frustrated by staying alone all day at home. They are naturally energetic creatures. Try to take your baby outside for a walk!

If your furry partner is old, they might be suffering from cognitive dysfunction. Canine dementia is a common issue altering your pooch’s brain’s working capacity. Visible signs include loss of appetite, irritability, and excessive licking.

4. Excessive Gnawing

Chewing stuff is completely normal behavior for canines. However, the problem arises when your pet becomes a destructive chewing master.

There are many reasons behind this weird thing dogs do. They might be anxious and start nibbling your favorite pair of heels because they smell like you! This can be painful for you but for your little buddy, it can be just a stress-releasing activity.

Another cause for chewing? Your little guy might just be bored! They simply want to release the excessive energy retained in them. If you haven’t taken them out for a while, go for an evening stroll with them asap!

If your pet is quite young, this weird behavior can be a result of teething. It usually happens when your mutt is around eight weeks of age, when their milk teeth begin to hurt if they don’t fall out.

5. Burying Treasures

You come back home and open the front door. Usually, your pooch comes running as soon as he hears those keys jiggling in your hands. This time, you can’t see him rushing around the house.

You observe some dirty paw prints belonging to your pet and follow them. You get stunned by the sight of them digging in the backyard! Over there, you see your lost slippers, old remote control, and some chew toys.

This one of the weird things that dogs do can be due to several reasons. One of them is their instinct. They love to hoard stuff and act as if they are guarding their possession.

Other than that, they might be saving all of the stuff that it doesn’t get lost. Just like squirrels hiding their nuts!

 Another cause can be stress. They might be protecting this stuff due to underlying anxiety issues. This uncanny practice is not necessarily a behavioral issue. It can be due to boredom,a  health problem or simply discomfort from  being overfed.

6. Humping

Another embarrassing yet funny things dogs do is humping. He might perform this weird practice on the sofa or a stuffed animal. Or even worse, your guest’s  leg!

While this can be quite cringe-inducing when your pooch humps on people who find this behavior unappealing or don’t have a dog,’humping’ now and then is considered normal. They may be trying to assert dominance, to release anxiety, or because they are too excited.

However, occasionally this act can be due to a medical problem, like an irritation or infection. In male dogs, it can also be caused by prostate problems. These can include a prostate cyst, cancer, prostatitis, and benign prostatic hypertrophy. 

  • Humping can easily be stopped by reinforcing corrective behavior in your pooch. Don’t wait till this habit gets embedded in them. You can tell them to “stop”, push them away or take them to a quiet place for short time-out.

7.Getting the Zoomies

You must have come across a time when you thought, “Why do dogs spin when they get excited?” “Why do dogs spin in circles before eating?”

Well, that strange act can be termed as your dog “getting the zoomies”. It is when your pooch races and performs repetitive spins like the Tasmanian Devil. This usually happens when your furry pal is super excited or frustrated by pent-up energy. If that’s the case, try to engage your pooch in physical activity. You can also play some games with him. Such as, fetch, agility training, and hide and seek. Or if you enjoy watching the craziness, just let them tire themselves out!

Wrapping Up

It’s hard to understand your little buddy sometimes. What’s weird for you might be completely normal for him.

Hopefully these tips help you to understand your goofball better!


Do you get stunned by the weird things your dog does? If so, give this article a read!





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