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Your Dog Is Amazing, Here’s Why

“Dogs might not be your whole life, but they make your life whole”-Roger Caras

There are several benefits of having a dog by your side. These furry companions can change your life forever. Initially, having a pet might be a lot. Yet, those big adorable eyes, cute paws, and wagging tails are worth it!

You might be wondering if you can take in any pet. Then why dogs are the best ones? A simple answer is that the experience they provide is unmatchable. Never underestimate the power of these little muffins.

Having your dog is amazing! He can be your best friend, your travel partner, and your roommate. You don’t even have to share your bathroom with him!

Are you still not convinced? Here are some reasons why these bundles of joy are marvelous!

Dogs Improve Overall Health

Have you ever had an antidepressant medicine that you can cuddle, too? No? It means you’re underrating your pooch’s magical powers.

There are several mental health benefits of owning a dog. Dogs are known for improving your emotional well-being. They are immensely playful and energetic. Playing with your mutt makes you instantly happy.

It raises the oxytocin and dopamine in your body. These happy hormones contribute to mental welfare. Additionally, mutts can boost your physical fitness as well.

All dog breeds have certain exercise needs.  Inevitably, you’ll have to make exercise a part of daily life too. I mean, your dog won’t be running and playing fitness games alone, will she?

These physical activities will transform your dull and boring life to one that’s alive and kicking! Physical activity in humans raises endorphin levels. It helps to fight depression.

Therefore, having dogs as pets is a win-win situation!

Dogs Are Extremely Loyal

“Those four paws, don’t know any laws

Without taking vows, stays forever yours”

When it comes to loyalty, these lovelies remain undefeated. A little care and attention can make your pooch head over heels for you. Dogs are extremely obedient creatures.

These loyal companions have been around humankind for ages. This aspect has evolved them into emotionally intelligent pets. They can perceive your energy. Your furry friend would be the first to know when you’re sad.

Other than that, they are great listeners. Your pooch will understand all your emotions. The best part is that they won’t even tell anyone!

A dog never forgets its owner. Your true-blue friend will always stay stuck by your side.

Dogs Reduce Stress Level

Therapy for reducing stress can be quite expensive. However, you can have it for free from your four-legged furry therapist.

Your body releases a stress hormone called cortisol when you’re tense. Over time, this excessive stress can lead to high cholesterol and hypertension.

The great news is that interacting with your dog can prevent so many issues! It can lower your cortisol level while boosting the immune system.

Stroking your little buddy gently, readily improves your mood. It will relieve your anxiety and stress. Touch and movement are scientifically proven ways to make you feel calm and free from strife.

Here are some dog breeds that can help you if you’re in a similar phase: Miniature American Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog, Yorkshire Terrier, and a Pug.

A Dog Is A Non-Stop Entertainment Source

These bundles of happiness will never leave you neglected. Dogs are full of energy and have great stamina.

You can play tons of games with your puppy, games such as fetch, hide and seek, and agility training. Involvement in such activities will keep you distracted from your worries. You can take your puppy daily for an evening stroll as well.

At home, you wake to those goofy grins and cute growls. Oh! And that cute happy dance and wagging tail when you offer him his favorite biscuits. Pure joy!

We all crave some mood enlightenment when we come back home after a hectic day. Having your furry friend waiting for you makes all your exhaustion go away.

Having a dog as a pet won’t ever let your day get dull.

A Dog Makes A Great Travel Partner

No one can beat a travel mate with four legs and a fluffy butt!

They love to go on trips. Simply hearing the sound of keys jingling inside your pocket can make them super excited!

Another perk is that you don’t have to worry about taking extra luggage. Dogs travel light!

Additionally, they won’t annoy you with “Are we there yet?”, “When will we arrive?”, “Why is it taking so long?”

Your pooch will never complain if it’s raining or the water is too cool. They would love to take pictures with you.

This “pawsenger” will make your journey memorable as no one else can!

Dogs Build Self-worth

Low confidence can affect your personal growth and productivity level. There are several therapies to work on this issue.

However, having a dog as a pet can be a convenient option to boost self-worth.

Positive affirmation and emotional support play an immense role when it comes to self-esteem. A canine provides unconditional love. Having that emotional support by your side surely makes you accepted and wanted.

Individuals suffering from self-worth often feel insignificant. Having a dog automatically builds a sense of responsibility in you. You believe that you are worthy enough because someone you love relies on you.

Providing your mutt physical care, affection, and companionship is a great way to tackle deep-seated self-esteem issues.

 A dog owner feels good for being so generous with his puppy. This feeling indirectly relieves emotional agitation.

Dogs Improve your sleep

Having trouble while sleeping? Just tuck your pooch inside your bed with you!

Dogs are known to increase oxytocin levels inside your body. This hormone also helps in better sleep.

Feeling secure also plays an immense role when it comes to sleeping. Having your mutt by your side can make you feel comfortable and protected.

Being anxious while sleeping is one of the worst feelings ever. It can also cause insomnia. However, your Fido can help you with that, too!

Several studies suggest that dogs can modify acute stress response and elevated blood pressure. Dogs also aid in mitigating anxiety. This in turn contributes to relieving insomnia.

Additionally, canines can also help with psychological issues, such as post-traumatic stress disorder. Moreover, they can also reduce the rate of nightmares.

Thus, having dogs as pets can be the best decision of your life. 

Dogs Improve Temperament

Handling a dog can be challenging, especially if you have added this furry partner to your life for the first time. 

Training your new pet and reinforcing correct behavior can feel like a hectic job. You have to overcome several issues. 

Issues such as building an understanding, learning effective communication, while keeping your dog comfortable and feeling safe. 

You try to stay consistent and calm when you’re dealing with your furball. This aids in developing tranquility and calm for tackling your other issues, too.

Furthermore, it will immensely impact your temperament and mood. You become calmer while tackling issues. This helps you to stay patient in your testing times.

Final Verdict

When things don’t go your way, dogs are always there to save your day. You might find their unique needs overwhelming sometimes. 

However, have faith my fellow dog lover! These balls of fur will never make you feel disappointed and abandoned. Considering all they have to offer, you can never go wrong with dogs. 

What are you waiting for? Get up and go give a big hug and a smooch to your buddy!


Your dog is amazing. How? Give it a read if you have any second thoughts!


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