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Bark Begone Dog Trainer

Introducing the Bark Begone Dog Trainer the ultimate handheld device used to train your dog to stop barking! If you are sick and tired of unwarranted dog barking, poor behavior, or even...
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Introducing the Bark Begone Dog Trainer the ultimate handheld device used to train your dog to stop barking!

If you are sick and tired of unwarranted dog barking, poor behavior, or even unruly wild dogs, then we have the solution just right for you. Our anti barking dog device is equipped with proprietary ultrasonic emitters that effectively get any dogs' attention. The handheld device is lightweight, durable, and even includes a flashlight which is useful for late night walks.

How It Works

Our handheld bark deterrent was created to be a great training tool to teach your dog to stop barking. The ultrasonic sound that is emitted is also 100% safe for your dogs to hear! Although the sound is inaudible to humans, with the press of a button, your dog is affected with a small audible reminder to let them know it's time to stop barking and start paying attention.

Simply flip the switch up to the I setting and with the push of a button you'll grab any rowdy dog's attention. This is your chance to step in and tell your pet "No!". The moment they silence their dog barking is the moment that you praise them for being such a good boy! This positive reinforcement is the key to good barking habits for your dog. In just a couple uses, your dog will recognize the sound and start listening to your commands. That's why our Bark Begone Anti Barking Device is famed as the best bark deterrent on the market!

One of the greatest things about the device is its extraordinary range. The Bark Begone handheld device works up to 70 feet which makes it a great for use at the park or when fending off surly dogs at a distance.

Switch the device to the II setting to engage the aggressive ultrasonic emitter. This setting should be used to only scare away combative wild dogs. The second setting is designed to emit a louder ultrasonic sound which is meant to startle and deter threatening dogs. This dog barking silencer setting can be a great tool for rebellious wild dogs but when training your personal animal, be sure to use setting I.

Train Your Dog On Your Schedule

The Bark Begone anti barking device makes training your dog a snap. Whenever bad behavior needs to be corrected just step in, use the device, and watch how well behaved you can make your dog with consistent use. Next time the mailman comes by and Rover starts going crazy, with the push of a button, you'll be saying "Bark Begone!".


  • Two Ultrasonic High Frequency Sound Settings
  • Max effective range of 70 feet
  • LED flashlight
  • Lanyard
  • (1) 9-Volt Battery [Rated at 60 Hours]


Weight: 5 oz / 0.31 lbs

Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.3 x 1.1 in



Customer Reviews

Based on 714 reviews
Holly Montlick
Saved my Sanity!

This device saved my sanity. Since we are working from home, the barking from three dogs was unbearable. It only took three separate incidences for dogs to realize that barking is not acceptable. My dog still barks a little outside but we are working on it. Its funny, if he is outside barking he watches the door to see if I am going to walk out and if he sees me, he stops immediately. I don't even to use the device, I just need to have it in my hand. Thank you!!!!

Finally something that is safe and works

I purchased the Bark Begone Dog Training tool for a very barky dog we have. (I have three dogs currently) Once Lola gets going, the others will join in. She will bark at cars that go by the house, or even people walking by. It was quite irritating and I am sure scary for the walkers. She gets really into it. I found Bark Begone to work immediately. I verbally tell her no, use the tool, and then I praise her right away. I have also used it to train her on walking; she pulls on the leash and gets crazy about nosing into everything on our walks. Her constant pulling physically hurts my back and ruins the walk for me. A quick no, Bark Begone tool followed by praise, are making the walks much more pleasant for all of us. Now I can get a response without using the Bark Begone Training tool all the time, my verbal sometimes work and praise. It was just extremely hard to get her attention when she would go into a frenzy of barking, pulling etc. I just couldn’t get her attention off of her current quest to save the house, dig through road side junk by verbal commands alone. I am very happy to have this Bark Begone training tool. Bless the inventor for creating a safe effective way to enjoy our pets more.


So simple it's hard to believe how well it works. My lab quiets immediately. Well worth it.

Cindy McKee
It works!

My Bark Begone device works! After only using it a few times, he now stops barking, looks at me and usually comes to me for his reward (treat). He is a work in progress. I do need to use the device to settle him down. He's not exactly cured ... yet. He has reactive barking to delivery trucks and other outside sounds that he can hear in the house. I carry it with me on walks just in case ... Thanks for a product that works - Bark Begone.

This product really works

We have had Daisy for 4 years (a mixed terrier)and she barked at anything & nothing, mostly outside, but also indoors. We tried bark collars - they worked for a short period and then she totally ignored them. Also tried the little "houses" that emit ultrasonic sounds when a bark is heard, same results. We purchased the Bark Begone and instruction book after giving up on anything being of use to discourage her from barking. I must say here, that Daisy has learned other instructions with relative ease - sit, down, come here, etc. After only two or three days of working with the Bark Begone and using small treats as reinforcement, she hardly barks at all & when she does I simply use the Bark Begone again. By now, I usually only have to have it in my hand to stop the barking.

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